Earth Retention Services

Soil nailing is a technique in which soil slopes, excavations or retaining walls are reinforced by the insertion of relatively slender elements - normally steel reinforcing bars. The bars are usually installed into a pre-drilled hole and then grouted into place or drilled and grouted simultaneously. They are usually installed untensioned at a slight downward inclination. A rigid or flexible facing (often sprayed concrete) or isolated soil nail heads may be used at the surface.

  • Permanent Retaining Walls
  • Temporary Shoring of Excavations
  • Bridge Abutment Stabilization
  • Vertical Retention of Failing Wall Systems
  • Rock Bolting Fractured and deteriorating Rock

Our methods allow us to construct horizontal and vertical earth support systems in areas that are not easily accessible.

  • Low clearance machines able to crawl under bridges, power lines and roof structures
  • Compact equipment for small areas that can maneuver around obstacles and construct close to existing structures
  • Lightweight operations that allow drilling indoors, basements, and also tall mountain faces
  • Heavy equipment for reaching distant areas whether they are over or under obstacles